Gooseneck Hill

Largest covered Aviary in the U.S.- 6 acres under net with 4 ponds

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Gooseneck has 11 species of geese from all over the world

1. NeNe Geese
NeNe is the only goose on the endangered list. There
are only 600 in the world. They are from Hawaii and lay
their eggs in March and April. We are trying to raise
enough money to cover one of the ponds with a
greenhouse for them. They were put on the endangered
list when there was only 6 left. They all have half
webs on their feet.
 Geese from Siberia-
3. Bar-head from
the most beautiful goose in the world
-the highest flying bird in the world-flys 30,000- 35,000 ft. & 100 mph
4. Pacific White-front from Alaska
6. Cackler Goose
 from Canada
7. Lessor White-front
from Norway
8 & 9. Ross Goose from the Arctic (White & Blue)
10. Emperor Goose from Alaska
5. Atlantic Brant from the Arctic
11. Barnacle Goose from Scotland